On the job-hunt

Maybe this is what it feels like to start dating after being in a very long relationship: nervous, a bit unsure, wondering what to wear – just strange. But one has to get out there in order to live so let me just do this.

Recruitment is not a science

It’s probably the same for you, but I’ve had very mixed experiences with recruitment agencies.  The first one I ever approached took deep notes about my abilities, strengths and weaknesses – including the fact that I didn’t have a driver’s licence at that time. Two days later they arranged an interview for a position as a (are you ready?) salesperson based exclusively on the road! Yes, driving from client to client. Ok, then.

Other agencies were fabulous at choosing the correct interviews and getting me placements that were career-changers and I’ve shown my gratitude by endorsing them wherever I go, but they may be the exception. If you’ve never run into the kind of agency whose only role is to keep applicants out, count yourself lucky! There’s good news: online recruitment has impacted them the most, I’d imagine. Today you only have to read the job-spec to see what you’re dealing with: if it requires you to:

  • be very young with 10 years’ experience
  • clock an Olympic fitness level
  • carry 4 different kinds of driver’s licences
  • be able to work 7 days per week, but also available to play all night
  • sport fluency in at least 4 languages
  • be encumbered by no pets

don’t even bother. The company already has someone, but the law insists that they advertise – the last thing they need is an actual applicant.

New country, new rules?

I’m jumping into the job hunt this week and hoping that recruitment runs differently here. People tell me that it’s best to respond to absolutely everything within my skill-set, so here goes. Expect a report-back by the end of next week. And wish me luck!

(image from Under30CEO


4 thoughts on “On the job-hunt

  1. Break a leg!
    My advice is always to appear at an interview as the self that can be maintained comfortably all day every day. If that won’t serve, one would never be happy in the job.

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