Is corruption a victimless crime?

Thank you to all the hard-working journalists for keeping the SASSA mess front and centre – no matter how many sideshow-Bob crises appear to obscure it. And yes, the sideshow-Bob issues have some merit (why else would people pay attention to them?), but nothing current compares to the implications of this: legally, ethically and morally. (*see links below for context).

Most importantly, for anyone who’s been led to believe that corruption is a victimless crime, this case shows exactly who the victims are.

It also shows how corruption can turn a R5 job into a R5000 nothing as each greedy bird gets to wet its beak along the way – eventually the project goes dormant or dies, because all resources have been used up before it even began.

The truth: we refuse to understand corruption as a crime

We imagine that some enemy is trying to spoil things for us and its our job, our duty, to find ways around that enemy’s plans. This is why we appear to fight against our own constitution, and why we foster division and bogey-people at every turn. Show us an ethical leader and we’ll spend the next thirty days trying to find ways to prove that they’re flawed: all this while we haemorrhage life-blood funds needed for the most vulnerable in our society through holes we’ve torn in our own fiscal money-bag.




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