When blogs were new

Back when I was a moderator on forums and blogs were new territory.

Tue 27 Jul 2010, 15:57       Life and times of Letterdash

Let me begin by saying that I have no stake in the current posts about Letterdash, and I admire the moderators of LD for their patience and dedication.

Managing a platform of chat and professional forums elsewhere, I can truly state that this is a tough, and often thankless, job. The problem is, no matter how many thousands of users there might be, each user (and I include myself) thinks and operates as a unit of one.

One unit, with his/her own dreams, desires, prejudices, beliefs and opinions – capable of being inspired, pissed off or getting her/his heart broken at any time, and on any day of the week.

The upshot of this? Cyberworld is really not a place for the thin-skinned or the broken, but it’s precisely those human factors that draw people to find companionship and social cohesion on blogs.

Then come the sadists and the bullies: like paedophiles who know exactly where to find kids, these bullies home in on the vulnerable where they can inflict pain all day long under the cloak of anonymity.

Then you get the hecklers, the soap-box politicians, the salesmen, the sexual predators, the preachers of both belief and unbelief, the poets and the artists.  And the teachers, beggars, flirts, counsellors, guardians, storytellers and travellers.

Lastly, enter the divas/rockstars – this group immediately attempts to gather a following, divides up the platform into In and Out people, and generally attempts to control the platform like a personal tour-bus. Very easy to spot them: the second their star begins to fade, they all declare that the platform is dead. Without fail.

This is the reality of blogs – it is what it is.

My way of dealing with all of it is to remember why I came here in the first place – I wanted to give some of my material exposure and I needed some deep and interesting conversation.  I’ve achieved both. I only start hating it when I lose focus and wander into a rock-star’s dressing room, or when I get sick of hearing a bully make someone smaller than them scream.

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