Punch your weight

There’s a scene in one of my favourite films of all time, High Fidelity:  John Cusack’s character says that he can’t stay with the incredibly glamorous woman Charlie because she’s way too much for him – “you have to punch your weight”, he says.

Today I think that he’s right.

On another day I’d brush that statement off, bling my shield and go cruising the neighbourhood for giants and dragons.

But not today.

Today I want to slink home quietly and climb into bed

(everyone knows that duvets foil dragon-fire, totally),

*I want to sweep my floors and wash the dishes because anyone can do that – it’s not arcane and inscrutable like, say, writing.



*No sweepers of floors/washers of dishes were harmed or disparaged in this little piece – it’s a reaction to the mean-spirited bitchery of both self-doubt and arrogant people.

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