Slipping into something stupid

So, what should we talk about, this page and I? The state of the world? Nah. From top to bottom, from East to West, it’s being run by the worst of us, so there’s nothing much to say there. I do all my talking, fence-mending and warnings before we choose, not after the fact. Besides which: pearls and swine. If you don’t know what that means, this is how it goes: don’t throw your pearls of wisdom before people who don’t even know what a pearl is – instead of wearing or trading with them, they’ll eat the pearls and probably bite you. The swine in the parable come in all colours, ages, genders, social standings and nationalities because foolishness is an equal opportunity condition, and I’m beginning to realise that it’s truly a condition.

Foolishness has absolutely nothing to do with cleverness, stupidity or education levels. It’s a willful blindness, a shutting down, a dulling of curiosity, a narrowing of vision and a purposeful starvation of oxygen to all the subtler regions of our ability to interact, assimilate, discern and analyse. There’s even a way to trace how it begins in an individual or a collective: the moment that one sees a lie, understands it’s a lie and, knowingly, accepts it. Why would anyone do that? Because the lie strengthens a spurious point, makes you feel better, makes someone you don’t like feel worse, fits whatever circle you’re trying to squeeze your rectangular self into, matches whatever prejudice you’ve chosen to wear today – the list of reasons is long. Truth is sharp and it makes your eyes water, but it’s the only way to 20/20 vision..


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