No perfect worlds

The train home got stuck today – not because it was broken, or that the young woman driving it had forgotten how, but due to cable theft somewhere along the maze of lines – she pulled over to make sure we didn’t crash into anyone. Usually when this happens, we’re stuck between stations and we […]


It feels like I live in such strange times – lately I struggle to find words – it seems like the phrases I know won’t quite cover it. Why? Is is because the phrases I know are outdated and haven’t kept up with the times? No, I don’t think so. It’s more like the times […]

So, this is today

It’s a sweetly grey day – warm, dry, a fresh breeze that feels like cool water – and it should be my favourite sort of day, a time for reflection with a gentle edge of melancholy. Instead, the edge feels more like unease. The night before last I ran a small experiment on Twitter to […]