“Hello, how can I help you?”

There are people who can watch themselves dance and people who can’t (no guesses as to which group I’m in), and I’ve found something else that makes me forget how to function: my voice being played back to me as part of my job 😱 There’s nothing wrong with my voice – if you’re looking […]

“Not all..”

It’s been scratching at the back of my mind, this thing where we’re never allowed to say “Not all…” in response to any blanket statement about men, women, politics – anything involving people. Aside from an obvious allergy to stereotyping (developed growing up under apartheid when all you heard was “all blacks etc etc”), there […]

Long time..

I’ve been avoiding this blank page for more than a year – everybody knows. Even I know. Blame the fact that I don’t get to write in a note-book on a slow train through the suburbs of Cape Town, that I don’t have time to myself – that I’m living the weirdly regulated life of […]

No perfect worlds

The train home got stuck today – not because it was broken, or that the young woman driving it had forgotten how, but due to cable theft somewhere along the maze of lines – she pulled over to make sure we didn’t crash into anyone. Usually when this happens, we’re stuck between stations and we […]


It feels like I live in such strange times – lately I struggle to find words – it seems like the phrases I know won’t quite cover it. Why? Is is because the phrases I know are outdated and haven’t kept up with the times? No, I don’t think so. It’s more like the times […]

So, this is today

It’s a sweetly grey day – warm, dry, a fresh breeze that feels like cool water – and it should be my favourite sort of day, a time for reflection with a gentle edge of melancholy. Instead, the edge feels more like unease. The night before last I ran a small experiment on Twitter to […]

Burning trains

The news shows a pic of a burning carriage, and it’s part of the train I used to travel in – every day for a decade. One of my best reading, writing and people-watching places in CT. Laughed and struggled with commuters all along that line – through stoppages, storms, delays, holidays, Mondays, summer Fridays […]