Moment of clarity

Some situations seem impossible to handle. Chaotic scenarios full of tangled complexities that leave us bewildered and frozen. But if you can spare a little patience, a vital strand in the knotted ball becomes apparent – if you just reach down and pull it, the whole mess unravels and you can begin again. For me, […]

The party is over

Hello. I could ask how you’re doing, but I know the answer already.Like everyone else, you’re probably alternating between anger, dogged determination and numbness. It’s been quite the time; numb anger comes because there’s no obvious end. But there’s a weird silver lining to all of this: forced into sober lock-down, no one can escape […]

A good day

It’s been a good day. Outside: patches of sun, slow-building clouds and pressure as the summer thunderstorms draw closer to my bit of the island. Inside: friendly clients, manageable problems and an early finish. Like I said: a good day. My work is over, now a walk so I can remember how to do it […]

I met a pinball wizard

Did I ever tell you about Ulysses? When I was 15 years old, the first house I’d see on the road leading into Sybrand Park on my walk from Park Estate had a diamond-wire fence and two dogs: a beagle and his big brother, a bloodhound named Ulysses. You could hear Ulysses baying as far […]

For the record 18 April 2020

False news and weird conspiracy theories would like to welcome their third sibling to Covid-19 world: the political narrative. This third member of the first family of foolishness has been the crown Prince for decades across the world, on the fringes of every ideology and belief/unbelief. But Covid-19’s been a difficult arena: one false step […]

Nowhere to run

(Another one I wrote for Health24 in 2010 – obviously taken down because linked to a news item in that year. Only, the issue remains painfully current. Let’s hope that fear of Covid-19 has some impact on behaviour.) Why the bleak title?  Well, take the revolting case of the gang-raped schoolgirl (November 2010) – fed […]


(This is a column I wrote for Health24 in 2010 – posting here because it’s no longer on the site) Cyberbitchery There are things in the world that don’t have much impact until they happen to you directly, or until they happen to your children. Much has been said about bullying and cyber-bullying over the […]

“Hello, how can I help you?”

There are people who can watch themselves dance and people who can’t (no guesses as to which group I’m in), and I’ve found something else that makes me forget how to function: my voice being played back to me as part of my job 😱 There’s nothing wrong with my voice – if you’re looking […]

“Not all..”

It’s been scratching at the back of my mind, this thing where we’re never allowed to say “Not all…” in response to any blanket statement about men, women, politics – anything involving people. Aside from an obvious allergy to stereotyping (developed growing up under apartheid when all you heard was “all blacks etc etc”), there […]

Long time..

I’ve been avoiding this blank page for more than a year – everybody knows. Even I know. Blame the fact that I don’t get to write in a note-book on a slow train through the suburbs of Cape Town, that I don’t have time to myself – that I’m living the weirdly regulated life of […]