Into the North

This is a journey into the unknown. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve visited Leeds and Yorkshire before, but fleeting visits, best china and behaviour visits: this is for life. Everything starts well as we take the long road home, but after stopping at what the English call ‘Services’ (think: Wimpy road stops, but 5 […]

Taming the Anger Beast

We all come wired for anger. It’s a vital part of our emotional programming, that thing that separates us from the machines. But you can use a machine to imagine the different levels of anger, just think of your stove: The lowest setting (simmer) is like feeling annoyed, irritated The medium setting is closer to […]

Where is Joanne?

So, I’ve begun the transition into what will be, I hope, a completely new life. To be honest, I’m quite a way into it already, but there’s so much learning and adjusting to do that I can’t truly measure where I am in the process. A bit like life, really: just when you think you […]

Joost – the final whistle

I woke up this morning and the first thing I read was that Joost van der Westhuizen had passed away. He was amazing: what rugby lover can forget his contribution to South Africa’s iconic 1995 World Cup win? But that was only one season; besides being a member of the 1995 Springbok squad, Joost represented […]

Stay free

“The thief, the rapist or the committer of treason, Each one believes they have very good reasons. When seeking redress beware, don’t lose sight Of the boundary that lies between wrong and right. Cross the line that’s deep in consciences engraved And here is the outcome: now we’re twice enslaved.”